Instax Love! & Lace Love update

Instax: kitteeehhh

Soooo, it took me a few days, but I have SO totally warmed up to my Instax 210!

Instax: le loveseat

290.365: Instax: boys!

Instax: freaky tree face

These are photos of photos. I tried my scanner and…just no. It’s horrible.


I’m about 80% done with the booklet, you guys. It’s pretty satisfying to look at the print preview in Publisher and see all that info and photos put together and…! It’s just really cool. As soon as it’s done, I’m going to start some previews of the patterns to introduce them. I want the booklet to be available in both print and PDF. If you buy the printed version, you will get the PDF as well, but there’s just SOMETHING about having a booklet in your hand to read and look through. Do you know what I mean? The print edition will probably be a limited thing and I’ll send along some goodies (like postcards and maybe some thread for you to crochet your own doily brooch) with each.

I hope your week started off wonderfully!

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