Kiddos’ socks

221.365: the sock beginning

I KNOW Winter will be here, eventually. I decided I should get a head start on some knits for my boys and have started with socks. Their hats from last year (and years past) will likely still fit, so those aren’t too much of a priority. I haven’t knit a pair of socks in a very long while, so I’m going with an easy plain knit pattern.

Unfortunately, I got past the heel on this first sock and realized they’re way too big! I guess tomorrow is a frogging and re-starting day. I’m at the point in my knitting where the idea of frogging bums me out initially, but I realize that getting the perfect fit is worth it, so I can frog without tears. It still kind of sucks, though.

What’s on your needles? Give me some inspiration to pull me out of the bummer that is frog-city.

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