Picture Color: Week 4 + 2 days

Picture Color #22: Inspired...

Picture Color #23: meaning

Picture Color #24: library

Picture Color #25: heavy metal
heavy metal

Picture Color #26: whimsy

Picture Color #27: back in time
back in time

Picture Color #28: happy!

Picture Color #29: sunset

Picture Color #30: Pieces /// the succulent centers

Picture Color is over! Big sigh. I loved it a lot. I liked getting prompts in the mornings and thinking about them throughout the day until I reached that “Aha!” moment and knew exactly what I wanted to photograph. Some days I’d get a prompt that would be perfect for a photo I photographed a day or two before and that always made me feel good. Like I’d somehow GOTTEN it. I understood the project and I was taking the photos subconsciously.

I totally recommend “classes” like this for folks who are needing some inspiration. It has helped me to want to pick up my camera everyday and seek out those special moments instead of waiting for them to half-pass. I don’t want to be late anymore!

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