Small Style: Nathan

A few blogs I read participate in Small Style every week and I always think, “I’m going to take photos of one of my boys so I can join in on the fun!” And then Friday comes along and I completely missed it. D’oh!

But I’m here, this week! A few of you commented on Nathan’s style in his retrospective post.

I’d like to take this time to mention I have absolutely zero style. I’m in jeans and t-shirt about 98% of my life. I will bust out the dresses for Mother’s Day or other holiday, if I feel like it and I usually don’t. SO. I’m happy to have boys who should be easy going when it comes to clothes. For the most part, they ARE pretty easy, but every once in a while, Nathan will make a big fuss about what he’s going to wear.

He went through a purple phase and he wore his purple Levi’s every other day it seemed. Then, all of a sudden, he shunned purple and his purple jeans have lived in his drawer since. Currently, he is obsessed with a vest. The vest seen in his retrospective post. I found it at the thrift store a few weeks back and since he was at grandma’s that weekend, I bought it because I liked it. When he saw it, though….it was love.

Anyway, here is what he wore the other day. The day he finally deemed himself ready for his birthday photos. 4 days late, but whatever. I can dig it.

157.365: the big kid


diptych: the six year old's style
shirt & shoes: Children’s Place; jeans: Target; vest: thrifted; tie: from a dressy set; hat: Ross.

He usually picks out his own clothes. Sometimes he makes some completely absurd choices, but lately, he’s been asking me what I think looks good together. Ack! I should probably pick up on this fashion thingy people are always so invested in. It might be helpful.

Check out Mama Loves Papa for other adorably stylish cuties!

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