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Bought your madre some flowers (or a shoot of lucky bamboo) for Mother’s Day (TOMORROW!!!)? Don’t have a pretty vase for them? Here’s a quick and painless vase DIY.

happy frappy vases

You know what those are? FRAPPUCCINO containers! The ones you buy at the drug store when you’re craving Starbucks, though you KNOW they aren’t even close to the real stuff…those! Jason bought me a pack before he left to Vegas (because he’s smarrrrt!) last time and I think I drank all of them in one day. Ooops! I lost one of the containers to smashage AKA the elbow bump to my kitchen floor.

Put them opening down on some newspaper and SPRAY PAINT the heck out of ’em. Actually, put on a light base coat and let it dry for a few minutes THEN spray paint the heck out of them. Let them chill out for a few more minutes until the paint is no longer sticky/wet and then transfer them to a place to dry overnight. Make sure to inspect the vase for any lighter spots and touch those up before letting it rest.

The results are pretty spectacular–they look like colored milk bottles! Spray painting glass containers is nothing new, but I think the frappuccino containers have a beautiful curvy shape! SO…if you need a little vase for your mama’s Mother’s Day flowers, I suggest heading out and picking up a faux-frappuccino at your local drug/convenience store. I used spray paints I had on hand. You don’t need very much!

It’s Saturday, though, so you better get started! ;)

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