Recycle that plastic container!

111.365: recycled food container

Tomorrow is Earth Day, peeps.

A few years ago (ok, two) I crocheted a bunch of cupcake containers for my boys’ birthday party. I used yogurt containers as the base/form. I still collect the plastic containers that have tops and recycle the others. My source for yogurt in plastic containers (with tops) was Target. Their brand, Archer Farms, had the perfect size containers of yogurt (with tops!). Recently, though, they discontinued the use of tops and instead have a foil top. I think it was a good idea; to reduce the amount of plastic in their containers.

However, this means I have more big containers that little ones, now. What to do? Turn them into pretty jars!

I like to have my writing utencils within reach, so I usually store them in old masons jars or tins. With kiddos, though, I’m constantly asking them to NOT grab out of “my” jar. How rude! The pencils/pens/markers are for everyone! So, I needed an alternative to the glass that can topple over very easily (my Andrew is notorious for spilling his cup of milk at lunch/dinner with the sweep of an elbow).

I crocheted a simple cover for the hideous cottage cheese container and voila! Pretty jar.

Here are my details for a 24 ounce container:
Worsted weight acrylic and 5.5mm (I) hook
Crochet a chain that fits around the base of the container (mine was 40 stitches). Join to the first chain making sure not to twist the other stitches.
Single crochet all the way around and join to first stitch. [Join at the end of each round.]
Crocheting through the BACK LOOPS ONLY (on every row), crochet 5 more rounds.
On the next round, increase by 4 stitches evenly around. Crochet 2 even rounds. (44 stitches)
Increase by 4 stitches again on the next round, then crochet 2 even rounds. (48 stitches)
Increase by 4 stitches again on the next round, then crochet 3 even rounds. (52 stitches)
Increase by 4 stitches again on the next round, then crochet 3 even rounds. (56 stitches)
Finish off and weave in ends.
You can hot glue the edges to the container, or if it’s a snug fit, just slip it over. Right now, mine is just slipped over, but I may glue it, so I can avoid the boys ripping it off every few days.


I think this can be easily adjusted to fit any size container. Start with a chain that fits around and increase if the container increases in diameter, like mine. If it’s more cylindrical, you probably won’t have to increase at all! Just crochet enough rounds to reach the top.

Right now, this one is filled with my Sharpies and other permanent markers. I plan to switch them out with my kids’ colored pencils. Sharpies don’t mesh well with [almost] 3 year olds. I mean…they would IF my couch were a coloring book.

I think recycling is important in this day when almost everything is packaged in plastic. We have a recycling bin that gets picked up every other week. It is usually overflowing by the time 2 weeks passes, with scrap paper, cardboard, soda bottles, soup cans, etc. It’s pretty satisfying to be able to not contribute as much waste.

Happy Earth Day, everyone! We only have one, so let’s take care of it, ok?

p.s. Lowe’s is giving away free trees on Saturday. My backyard only has two trees in the far back, so I’m going to see if we can go and snag one. If not, I’m going to browse their fruit trees. Mama would love a pear tree!

2 comments to Recycle that plastic container!

  • MegNo Gravatar

    You always make the cutest stuff Lisa! I hope you are having a wonderful day!

  • JanNo Gravatar

    What a clever idea. Like you, I can hardly bear to part with these tacky, but enormously functional, containers even when they do go into the recycling bin. But I think they are breeding in my cabinet and it’s time to do something about it. This triggers all kinds of ideas for ways I can disguise the low-fat labels and put these to good use.

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