nuno masks

Right before Jason left for Vegas (like the day before!), I came across the first issue of a magazine called Nuno. I saw it had some great projects in it, so I bought it, downloaded it, and skimmed the amazingly gorgeous photos. I figured the boys and I could do some while daddy was away.

Well, Vegas week went by and since it was the week before school (KINDERGARTEN!) I decided to start enforcing a bedtime. Sooo, the projects got put on a back burner. We started preparing for school (did I mention KINDERGARTEN?!) and then daddy came home and then the weekend passed and holy moly! I’m a mother to a kindergartener, now!

It feels like that first day, both our tummies filled with butterflies, was ages ago, but it was really only a week. Sunday evening, I decided we would make masks after school on Monday. I printed out the templates and after we walked home in drizzling rain, we sat down to cut, color, tape, and wear these gorgeous masks. I chose the color scheme for the owl. I let Andy choose two markers for the bear and Nathan exclaimed he wanted his deer to “look REAL.” Nathan cut out the templates, I traced them and colored them (I think I have the only kids who think coloring is boring after about 2 minutes) and cut out the cardboard. I used some ribbon to tie them onto their heads.

They thought they were so cool! To my surprise, Andrew was able to see through the holes. Or one of the holes, at least. He kept coming to me, staring up, then lifting the mask and exclaiming, “HI!” with a giggle. It was ultra-adorable. It was so overcast, though, I didn’t get to get any good photos of them galavanting around as woodland creatures. Maybe this afternoon, if the rain clouds find their way out of town.

forget about our mothers and our friends; we're fated to pretend

I took this photo around 10pm, last night. Everyone went to bed early, including the husband, so I was all alone. Me and my camera. And the owl mask.

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