Baby Lion

How do you make a cuddly baby cuddlier?
Put him in a cute as heck costume. I found this at Value Village, last night, for less than $3.

365.275: baby lionbaby lion [2]

He didn’t like it at first. He actually whined until I put him on the table. then, he whined more. I realized what he was whining for, though! my lens cap! He likes to try to put it on. I sometimes put it on and he likes snapping it off. I bet one day I’ll regret it. like, the day he scratches my lens or something equally as horrifying.

content lion [2]

after that grew old, he played on the fish for a bit.

baby lion [6]

After a bit, he realized there was something on his head! He started to revolt and so I snapped a few of angry-face-lion and helped him out of it. Once it was off, he started cuddling the costume. I don’t blame him–I wanted to squeeze him the entire time he wore it!

doom and gloom [1]doom and gloom [2]doom and gloom [3]

doom and gloom [4]

you can see the rest by clicking this link. I have 13 uploaded and i took like 75! It was just so cute. And hilarious. A lot are blurry because I was giggling so much.

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