amigurumi & a resurrected project

I realized I hadn’t crocheted any amigurumi in a while, so I decided to go back to an old favorite–‘Bedfellows’ from The Happy Hooker. I finished up the head, today. If I get bored, at least it looks cute by itself! Project is now complete! See details HERE!

365.241: out of hibernation

This is the current stitch-monster I’m working on. It’s a pinwheel blanket and over 450 stitches around. It’s rather boring to work on, not to mention the baby starts crying when he sees me reach for it. I would say he can feel my pain, but really, he’s just been a little clingy lately. I think it’s his teeth; the other day he had drool fangs! I can actually see the new teeth and I am SO glad that’s not my mouth. Anyway, I’ve decided to start the border on the blanket, so I only have like 6 more round of torture. I haven’t yet calculated how many stitches I’ll end up binding off. Really, though, I’d rather not know.

first knit toy

aside from the beer i knit before christmas, I do believe this is my first knit toy! i used ysolda’s stuffies pattern, wool-ease chunky, and 5mm needles to get him.