365.264: cross-stitch monday

I think it’s interesting that knitting the same stitch over and over can get so monotonous, yet cross-stitching is really fun. I mean, it’s just a bunch of tiny X’s. It should be the boring monotonous craft. But it’s not. I really dig it! It’s definitely a good breastfeeding craft, too! No worries of stabbing baby eyes with long sticks.

365.248: x-stitched A

dinero: a coin purse

I made this back in September, I believe. I am rearranging my craft area and I came across a tote bag and this was in it! no, there wasn’t any money in it, just my tiny sansa clip mp3 player. I should take up cross-stitching again.

the yellow fabric is, I believe, linen. It came form a set of a napkins I thrifted.

little embroidery, little lactivist

got breast milk?