Summer is Delicious #2: Blueberry Peach Pie

pie & lace

[Blueberry Peace Pie]

I make this pie every summer. My friend posted the recipe in 2008, so I’ve been making it for a few years now. It’s SO GOOD. I add a little extra peaches because I love them. I also sprinkle the crust with a bit of cinnamon & sugar. I just made this one, last week, and I already want more. It’s that good.

My attempt at a lattice top leaves something to be desired! I’ll just say it looked…rustic. Charming?



blueberry peach pie

It rained EVERY DAY, last week. I was extremely thankful because last year’s drought was unbearable, but it got a little annoying by the end of the week. We’re back to hot and humid sunny weather and I’m having a hard time deciding which is better. I can’t send my kids out to play in either!

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