It’s finally over.

357.365: the last

I never really want it to be over until it’s 8pm and we’ve been going-going-going for 2 days straight and I finally feel like I’ll explode with sugar and happiness. It sounds like it’d be sweet, but…no. If I exploded, it’d be horrible. And so we shuttle home and transfer children from car to bed and then collapse on the couch. I sleep for 12 hours and the next day, we do NOTHING. No cleaning, no sorting, no nothing. And then I REALLY want it to be over.

Yesterday, my mom took my boys for a few hours and I was able to take down the tree and pull down some decorations. They’re all sitting in a box on my living room floor. I want so desperately to be able to do things completely, but I struggle with it. I get distracted easily. I used to have discipline, but it lost its way. Maybe it doesn’t really matter, but sometimes I think it would be nice.

361.365: self portrait in an ornament
taken with my new camera!

It’s over. I’ll miss the ornaments and glitter, but I am really glad things can go back to normal.

How are you? Did Christmas wipe you out? Have you recovered?

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