Offset Shell baby blanket [part 1]


What’s the status of your offset shell projects?? My baby blanket is coming along nicely!


Here are the stats so far–
Beginning chain 160
6mm (J) hook
1 skein of Simply Soft
15 rows
48″ wide, 8 inches tall

If I want to hit 40″, that’s 4 more skeins and 60 more rows. If I want to hit 60″, I need 7 more skeins and almost 100 more rows! I think my target is at least 48″ tall. That’s 5 more skeins of yarn and 75 more rows. Daunting! But it will so be worth it. My time-frame? About 2 weeks. I need to do at least 6 rows per day to make that. I CAN DO THIS.

Let me know if you started anything and how it’s going. I think I’ll update after every skein of yarn. I only bought 3 to begin with. PFFFFT! I need to go back to the store.

304.365: the baby blanket [part 1]

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