Shelf ReStyle

shelf restyle

My mom was going to put this shelf in a garage sale. Not one to pass up anything that can be put on my wall, I traded some old baby clothes for it. It had been in the garage for a while, so it was pretty dusty, but I could see its potential!



After cleaning it up a bit with some TSP substitute, I took the back off and spray painted it a few times to get it this bright white. I had it sitting in the breakfast room for a few days before I finally hung it. It took about 10 minutes and four nail holes to finally get it leveled. HA! Apparently the hardware on the back is eeeever-so-slightly uneven, so it was lop-sided, even though I had used the level to mark where my nails would go on the wall.


That wasn’t the hardest part about this project, though. No, deciding what would go in it was! I’m still not completely thrilled with my choices. Right now, it just doesn’t have a unifying theme.


I think I need to start a collection of small things to put in it. Yeah. I’ll start a new collection. The shelf made me do it.

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