I love orange.

In case you didn’t know, I love orange.

i like orange

I also happen to like Keen shoes. I bought my first pair two years ago. They’ve been well-loved and I recently decided I needed a new pair. I searched for Keen mary janes and found these–Sienna Mary Jane in “rust”– pretty much on the first hit. They were delivered last night and I immediately put them on. LOVE! They’re SO comfy and I adore the color!


I’m off to pick up my son at school. I’ve been really looking forward to this walk, all day! Sure, I wore them outside while Andrew played on a Little Tikes slide Jason found in someone’s curbside trash, but a nice walk to the school is just what my new shoes need!

Are there any colors you just loooove? Or any that you find yourself becoming more and more drawn to? ‘Tis the season for orange!

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