quick+easy project: Photo Hoop!

photo hoop

Inspired by the wonderful wooden wall plaque photo display tutorial on One Pearl Button, I made a photo hoop! I did things a bit differently, but it was still a quick and easy project.

I used fabric, an embroidery hoop, and hot glue.
First, I stretched the fabric and glued it to the inside hoop.
Then, I took off the outside hoop, wrapped the yarn where I wanted it and glued the ends to the inside hoop.
Next, I replaced the outside and glued on a backing.

Easy peasy! I’ve always loved the look of hanging embroidery hoops. Next time I think I’ll paint it prior to assembly.

2 comments to quick+easy project: Photo Hoop!

  • I’m so gonna rip this off.
    I need to print some pictures to go in the hoop though. I so fail at printing pictures.

    • me too! And now I don’t even have those high-res photos anymore. *cries*
      I need to look into local print shops.

      I would suggest using a hoop bigger than 7″, which is what mine is. It’s cute, but it’s kinda tiny! I found a massive one at the thrift store today for a buck. Since it’s so much bigger, I need to decide on some really awesome fabric for it. I’m thinking of making another photo hoop as part of my mother’s day giveaway (coming up some time in the next few weeks).