There can only be one

THANK YOU ALL for your birthday wishes, yesterday. I was so excited every time I opened my inbox to see a new entry into the giveaway. No one wised me an un-happy birthday, so that’s good!

I was running a little bit late, this morning, and I didn’t have a chance to close the contest when my birthday ended (I went to bed and it was still my birthday, so I count all entries throughout the night), so I counted all entries until just a few minutes ago.

Now, the good news: a winner has been chosen!!


comment #5 is from Queta of Queta Knits! How awesome is it that a fellow knitter won?!

Queta, I sent you an email a little bit ago. Reply with your info and I’ll get right on mailing them out. CONGRATS, again!

Stick around, newcomers! I will be offering more giveaways throughout the year. One of my goals for my 26th year of life is to have one at least every other month. Perhaps Mother’s Day will behoove another slipper prize. Any other ideas are greatly welcomed! This was fun. Thanks again, everyone.

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