it’s my BIRTHDAY [giveaway]!


Wish me a happy birthday (or an unhappy birthday, if that’s your thang; I don’t want to make you do anything you don’t want to) and you could win a lovely pair of Mary Jane slippers, crocheted by me! Choose between the two above*, -OR- if you absolutely loathe those colors, don’t have a mom/wife/friend who would like them, have tiny feet, and/or want to mess with me, I’ll crochet a custom pair. I’m a nice person and I kinda love you blog readers/random clickers.

flower garden slippers [1]

flower garden slippers [2]

flower garden slippers [5]
(can you tell I really like these? see more photos of flickr.)

Go forth and comment! 1 entry per person, pretty please. You can tweet about it, post it to your wall, talk about it in your blog, etc. The more the merrier! Contest ends when my birthday ends. I’ll post the winner on Monday morning.

a choice

*Slipper details: both are 100% acrylic. The yellow pair is made with some vintage yarn that has been in my stash for what feels like years. They should fit up to a size 9.5 (my size thanks to two awesome pregnancies), but are only about 9.5″ long, which is equivalent to a 7.5 in women’s shoes. What I’m trying to say is: they’re stretchy!

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