silhouettes and shutters

fabric silhouette
I’m really diggin’ the Lensbaby.

This is a fabric silhouette I made of Nathan’s cute little head, right before Andy was born. I’ve been thinking I need to make one of Andrew soon. I really want an orange one to go with my lime one. Perhaps facing the opposite direction. I’m just torn on whether I should do it soon or wait a year until Andrew is the same age Nate was when I made his. That would be cute, no? Their 3-year old heads forever silhouetted and lovingly placed on my wall. I just know I WILL make one. Maybe I’ll prep a canvas with fabric soon. That way, when the time comes and I finally get the profile photo I love, I’ll just need to stencil it and paint.

In other news, here’s a scary number: 14697. that’s how many images I’ve snapped in the past 14 months (I got my camera Christmas ’08). I had a dream my shutter died. It was more like a nightmare.

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