Crochet: Sly Fox hat

Crochet: Bat Bow

Crochet: Glory, doily blanket

Crochet: Lily, doily blanket #5

Crochet: Rube, wrist-warmers

Crochet: Amigurumi Bunny Egg

Crochet: Cupcake Containers

Crochet: Georgia, doily blanket

Crochet: Simple Mask

Crochet: Lizzie slippers

Knit: Honey, DK slouch hat

Crochet: Mary Jane Slippers

Knit: Nell, slouch hat

Crochet: Willow, doily blanket

Knit: Terzetto, hat

Crochet: Simple Statement Wreath

Knit: Colorwork Recipe

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scoop of hearts

little heart pins made with guidance from the purl bee. check out the tutorial.

My initial plans were to make a few as little Valentine’s day favors. Well, I started and then couldn’t stop making them! Andrew was napping and before I knew it, I had finished my first sheet of red felt (it made 6) and so I started with pink, then white, and then I made another batch of red. What I’m trying to say is…I have about 24 little heart pins sitting in my cool Regaline bowl, now. I made them throughout the weekend. During naps, late-night movies, when my kids left on a lunch with grandma, etc. I’m all out of felt, now!

see more photos on flickr.

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