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amigurumi heartIt’s been a bit since I posted something in the crochet or knit category. You must be tired of my kids and/or my week-long obsession with pom-poms. Here’s something new.

Is it too early for Valentine’s Day crafting? I’m not much of a romantic, but I do like hearts and flowers and OMG!pink! I suppose I get so tired of all the blue, the millions of cars and trucks and construction scenes, that I’m happy to have an excuse to display some hearts and make little cutie pie things. Even if my own personal Valentine has been absent from 2 of the 4 past February 14’s, thanks to a little convention in Vegas that is anything but MAGICal.

I bought a handmade heart garland at the thrift store, a few weeks back. It was less than a dollar and I couldn’t bear to just leave it at the store. Someone definitely put some time into it. It’s comprised of many little stuffed hearts. It’s hanging on a hook in my living room, patiently waiting for it’s Valentine-decor spot.

I made this little amigurumi heart yesterday. The pattern was as easy as they come. It’s this free one at roxy craft. Pay attention to the stuffing note. I stuffed and stuffed and still think it could have used a smidge more poly-fil. I used some Caron Country and a 4.25mm (G) hook.

I was thinking of making these for Nathan’s teachers, but then I remember the cute little heart pins on the purl bee and decided I should make those instead. I just need to buy some felt. I have amassed a collection of random craft things but I don’t have any felt. That’s really weird, no? Felt is so lovely, but I tend to only buy the cheapo stuff at Wal-Mart whenever I need a bit to make something specific. I want some wool felt in all the lovely colors of the visible spectrum. If that’s too much to ask, a few squares in some pretty colors would be sufficient.

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