It’s 2am and I’m thinking about pom poms.

I actually really disliked making pom poms for a while. I don’t know why, exactly. I just know I avoided them. I opted for braids at the ends of earflaps instead of the wretched balls of fluff. Well, wretched no more! After the red one I made for my teal beret, I’ve made a few more…just because. After I bid my child farewell to school, I’m going to bust out the bulky yarn and try to make the biggest pom pom I can. I have tons of scraps that will be transformed into awesomeness, too. I have no idea what I’ll do with them.

4 comments to It’s 2am and I’m thinking about pom poms.

  • MegNo Gravatar

    I agree making pom poms isn’t fun for me either! Oh my, I love the colors red and teal or turquoise together, and your beret is just too cute, I see it flashing on your flickr wiget. No school for my kids today or yesterday or tomorrow and possibly the rest of the week, lots of snow here, cold snow, so needles to say I haven’t gotten much knitting done over these last few days! I don’t have any suggestions for your giant pom poms, keep me updated on what you do with all of your goodies!

    • so far, they’re resting in a giant jar on my desk. my sister has expressed interest in one or the beret I made her in December.

  • KellyNo Gravatar

    It’s okay. I found myself thinking about and wanting to make the fabulous Mary Jane slippers (pattern found on your blog of course) right before I went to sleep and first thing this morning. Alas, I have to wait until I get off work today to do so.

    Love your blog!