newborn head model!

365.265: tiny wolf

So, the Fisher Price Happy Apple is pretty much the size of a newborn head. Andy had a 14″ head (9lbs, 4 oz) and that is the exact circumference of the toy at its largest.

This was a test knit for my adjustments to the bonnet with ears. I had to adjust the pattern and needles for this. I think I got it right, but I’ll probably increase the stitch count very slightly next time.

tiny wolf [front]

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  • AshleyNo Gravatar

    OMG! You are so fabulous!!! I’m SO EXCITED! You should think about putting some stuff on etsy. Really. Props to you.

    Big Excited Smiles from Ashley

  • bahaahaahaha i’m not sure hwy but htis made me laugh.
    quite loud.
    my boyfriend’s asleep and i think i might’ve woken him up…
    the apple doesn’t have ears… won’t that mean your hats might squash ears now?

  • The hat is supposed to cover the little ears. I think since the baby is a newborn, he’ll be used to the squish!