Making progress

I’ve made some pretty good progress on my projects the past couple of days. See, we’re in the process of buying a house. We found one we love, but there has been set back after set back and that produced a ton of anxiety and general “OMG WHAT TO DO” in my head. to keep my mind occupied, I tackled my list and even started [and finished!] other little projects.

here’s my updated list of to-do’s before Andrew gets here:

  1. finish his blanket (50% done–see sidebar!)
  2. make some rice or flax packs made for labor (I’ve seen a few circular ones and even the long skinny one I mentioned in a previous post)
  3. finish the next pair of knit shorties (80-90% done–just need one more leg!)
  4. make a boppy or other nursing pillow. I bought a used, but sanitized “Brest-friend” pillow at the thrift store for $3!
  5. knit the second arm on the gown & i-cord ties.
  6. sew some nursing pads
  7. get my birth announcements ready (so all I have to do is inset a photo/s, info, and print them)
  8. relax.

#s 5-8 are still not done. I need some more double-sided tape for the announcements and I need some old receiving blankets or other flannel for the nursing pads. I can’t relax. nope!