Feather & Fan Bonnet

I used this kool-aid dyed sock yarn for the Norweigan baby hat I made a few weeks ago (here). I didn’t have any plans for the rest of it until I saw this. I doubled the yarn and it worked out well, I think.

Feather and Fan Bonnet

Pattern: Feather and Fan Bonnet, as seen on Stitch Marker.
Yarn: ~half a skein of KnitPicks’ Superwash/Nylon Fingering Weight kettle-dyed with kool-aid.
Needles: Boye Balene US 6

I’m not so sure about the ribbon. I think it provides a nice vibrant contrast, but do the colors really go? I don’t know.

Feather and Fan Bonnet3

but it’s very pretty. I found it on a trip to Hobby Lobby a few weeks ago. if I decide it doesn’t mesh too well with this yarn, I’m going to reserve the ribbon for another feather and fan bonnet, for sure. I think it would look particularly nice on, say, a plain white or cream one.

I really really really like the feather and fan stitch pattern. especially with the little garter row. I had been on the fence as to what pattern to use for a shawl I’m going to make for my mom, and now I’m definitely sure–feather and fan!

Feather and Fan Bonnet1
so pretty.

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