Good Reads: Crochet Therapy, review and giveaway

Almost a year ago, I was asked to contribute two patterns to a new book that would combine therapeutic exercises with complementary crochet projects. The idea was literally crochet as therapy. I thought this was a wonderful idea and I couldn’t be more happier with the end result. This beautiful book arrived a few weeks ago and was released in the US, a few days ago.


Behold, Crochet Therapy by Betsan Corkhill. First off all, let me brag a little: the mandalas on the cover are my project. I actually crocheted each of those! The photography and styling in this book is phenomenal. Every scene is light, calming, and downright gorgeous. All of the projects compliment each other so well.

Crochet Therapy
This photo is opposite the introduction page.

Let’s get down to the book itself. Betsan Corkhill is a well-being expert with a background in physiotherapy. She combines her medical knowledge with her craftiness and is a champion of the use of fiber arts as a therapeutic tool. The book is comprised of ten exercises, each accompanied by two crochet projects to enhance the benefits for your well-being. The exercises incorporate mindfulness, visualization, relaxation, daydreaming, and motivation. You can start from the beginning, or choose which you need specific help with. Why does crochet (and knitting!) work so well at creating a healthier, calmer, more creative mind?

It’s known that two-handed, coordinated patterns of movement that cross the midline of the body take up a lot of brain capacity. The brain can’t fully focus on two things at a time, so the more absorbing the task, the less capacity it has to pay attention to issues that are detrimental to your well-being.

Crafing will help take your mind off things that are making you anxious, or stressed out in general. I think we can all use a little bit less stress and anxiety, don’t you think?

Crochet Therapy: pillow

Crochet Therapy: pillow2

Crochet Therapy: pillow3

My two projects, the mandalas (seen best on the cover) and a round pillow, are part of the “Calm” chapter. The mandalas are a simple 9-round pattern that is easily memorized. You can take your hook and a bit of your yarn in your bag to crochet one whenever you find yourself in need of a calm few minutes. The pillow emulates rippling water. It’s a simple round construction with a few three-dimensional rounds (like ripples!). It’s crocheted in bulky yarn (I used Lion Brand’s Wool-Ease Thick & Quick) and works up very fast. It would make a fantastic calming housewarming gift.

Some of my other favorite projects in the book:


crochet-therapy-06 crochet-therapy-08

crochet-therapy-07 crochet-therapy-09

I’m swooning over that puff flower quilt!

Overall, I really love Crochet Therapy. It’s a book for every level of crochet, beginner to expert. Even the most seasoned crocheter will get something out of it. I always knew crochet was something to do when I needed to destress and focus, but now I have something I can utilize to help me gain even more benefits from the craft. I highly recommend the book to anyone who would like to learn about how crafting in general can help you be more mindful in your everyday life.

I have an extra copy from the publisher and would LOVE to give it away! Enter with the widget below and a winner will be chosen late Friday night.

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Haven for Hands Crochet Hook Review

Disclaimer: Haven for Hands sent me a set of hooks to review. All opinions are my own. This post include Amazon affiliate links.


A few months ago, I was contacted by Haven for Hands to ask if I was interested in reviewing a new set of crochet hooks. OF COURSE I WAS! I love to crochet and having an extra set of my favorite sizes is super handy.

This is the Haven for Hands Ergonomic Crochet Hook set, now available on Amazon at a GREAT price!



The set comes with nine hooks that have a super comfy grip. The sizes included are from 2.0 – 6.0 mm in 0.5 mm increments. You’ll notice 2.0, 2.5, and 3.0 mm (US B, C, and D) are actually different from regular conversion charts, but that didn’t bother me because now I have sizes that fit between my others. It broadens my crochet reach.

The set also includes a retractable tape measure, a pair of folding scissors with serrated edges, and 10 plastic stitch markers. Everything fits nicely in a roll-up cloth carrying case. There are two colors options to choose from on Amazon! It is perfect for throwing in your purse, when you know you’re going to start a project away from home.




I’ve had these for a few months, so I feel like I can give you a fully-formed opinion.

First up, the handles are GREAT! They have just the right amount of squish for a grip. The part closest to the hook is firm enough for my style of crochet hold, while the bottom tip is flexible for resting in my palm.

Second, The metal hooks are super smooth and glide beautifully through yarn. The hook is pointy without being overly stabby, which is what I like!



Look at those colors! The engraved sizes are a great detail. You don’t ever have to worry about smudging the text.

Overall, these hooks work really well and are a great addition to my collection. I’ve already lost and found a few in my couch. I consider that a rite of passage for all my craft tools.

Check out Haven for Hands around the web:

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“Crochet With One Sheepish Girl” book review & giveaway

Crochet with One Sheepish Girl

Hey, friends! I hope everyone is well. I have a cough that just won’t go away. It’s just a little scratch at the back of my throat that makes me sound like I’m trying to get people’s attention every 5 minutes. Ahhheeemmmm.

Anyway! Today, I have something really lovely to talk about. I have been following Meredith Crawford’s blog, One Sheepish Girl, for a little while, so when I was asked if I wanted to review her new book AND have a giveaway on the blog, I immediately responded with a “heck yes!” Not my exact words, but you get the idea.

Crochet with OSG table of contents

First of all, this book is a thing of beauty. The photos are gorgeous and the projects are all bright and pretty. My FAVORITE aspect of the book, though? The table of contents! Recently, my son has asked to read the table of contents for any book we are starting. It was kind of weird at first, but now it’s part of our routine. It’s nice to know what’s coming up and in this book, you can SEE everything. I loved that.

The first part of the book includes a sweet introduction and then some very detailed instructions for crocheting. There are directions for the basic stitches you’ll need to know, changing colors, finishing, embroidering, surface crochet, blocking, and even sewing in a zipper or liner! All have step by step photos and instructions. That alone makes it a great gift for new crocheters. I would have loved to have this when I first started. I’ll definitely be referencing these when I get around to working with zippers (I’ve been crocheting for 8-ish years and they STILL scare me).

The rest of the book is the patterns, divided into three categories: WEARING, LIVING, and, GIVING. It’s pretty easy to find something to crochet for any occasion.


I went through the book several times to figure out what I wanted to make for this post. I chose to crochet the Scallop Stripe Cowl. The pattern calls for super bulky yarn, of which I didn’t have in colors I loved, so I used two strands of worsted weight yarn. I used the same hook size (N) and it worked out nicely!

The instructions were very easy to follow, though I would have liked to have a stitch count at the end of rows. That’s just a personal preference, though! I think this pattern would be very easy to adjust to work with different weights of yarn. The stitch pattern is simple enough to memorize and work while you’re watching a favorite TV show or listening to music/books.



Pattern: Scallop Stripe Cowl by Meredith Crawford from Crochet With One Sheepish Girl
Yarn: one skein each of Red Heart Soft in deep sea and Hobby Lobby’s I Love This Yarn in light peach, held double
Hook: 10mm (US N/15)

Now, if the weather here in Houston would cooperate with my yarny desires, it’d be cold enough to wear this regularly. Just wearing it to take the photos had me super cozy, on the verge of a sweat.

If you are interested in the book, you can find it on Amazon and Barnes and Noble! Perhaps you can buy one for yourself, then try and win one for a friend? Enter the Rafflecopter giveaway below! No purchase necessary. Open to residents of the US and Canada only. Giveaway ends October 30, 12am.

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