Photoshop: Hazy B&W

190.365: the talking face

Oh, Andrew. Here’s some proof that if you are talking while I am photo-taking, you will look silly. He was telling me about this headband my sister put on him. It was all sorts of cute!

I finished up my week of black & white, today. I’ve really fallen in love with photoshop, lately. I have been using my Summer Haze action (with tip) a lot for my color photos and then one day I played it on my black and white images and loooved the slightly hazy look it gave! I ended up tweaking the layers a bit, so I came up with a new action to make it easier/faster to get hazy B&W images. If you’re interested in trying it out, download the action HERE (right click, save). Let me know what you think?

The August Break 08

the brothers

diptych: bored brothers

the handsome #1

post-script: I pulled a winner for the apron giveaway! Congratulations to Fiona!!

Crochet pattern & giveaway!


First: The pattern I’ve been promising for weeks has finally gone live! You can find it on the patterns page or by clicking here. Let me know if you make it! It’s a simple concept (half circle with a scallop edge), but I fear my directions may not be concise enough? I wanted a more formal pattern than my Mary Jane tutorial.

ANYWAY. To celebrate me finally getting on the ball and publishing it, I thought I should have a little celebratory giveaway. To enter, leave a comment letting me know what you think about the pattern (just take a look at it) or what you think about the new blog design (header-less! wider! etc!). Tweet about the pattern/giveaway, making sure to mention @goodknits, for an extra entry (leave a separate comment).


The prize: any of the crocheted aprons I made while whipping up this pattern! I made 4 different ones, though you can see I kind of stuck to the same color group. Womp womp womp.

I will choose a [random] winner on Friday, July 8 at 9pm CST!

I appreciate all the feedback. Good luck!


Xyron Giveaway Winner

I’ll be waking up about 5 minutes after the exact time my baby was born. That’s in a little over 5 hours. I’m up because I finished putting up streamers in the dining room for him. I have walked all about the house, walking into the room from different angles and something is just…off. It took me a while but I realized it’s the stupid wall paper! Ugh. I may be spending my early hours taking the streamers down and then putting them up somewhere else. Perhaps the breakfast room. I have no idea!

ANYWAY. chose #18! That comment belong to Miss Charlotte of Les Bonnes Idees!

She totally figured out my plot to stop everyone from ever de-stashing fabric again! Every bit of fabric must become fabric tape!

Congratulations!! Shoot me an email (lisa[@] with your mailing address and I will have it shipped out ASAP!

If you did not win, you should totally buy one for yourself! it’s a small investment for an item that I’m SURE you will find useful. You can get a Pink Ribbon Xyron 150 or even one with a zebra print! AND right now, they’re eligible for an 4 for 3 promotion! You can pick up some refills at the same time.

Thank you to everyone for entering!! I hope you stick around for more fun in the future.

p.s.! I changed my header again and added a new button to grab. Let me know if you link to me! :)

Fabric-Covered Notebook DIY + giveaway

***The giveaway is now closed!***

If you’ve been reading for a while, you may have heard me mention fabric tape once or twice. After nearly breaking the bank (or paypal) buying pretty Japanese washi tape, I decided I needed to cool it and DIY it a bit. Enter this tutorial and the absolutely amazing Xyron150into my life. MAN ALIVE, I WAS HOOKED!

I have used fabric tape on packages in the mail, on greeting cards, on postcards, on invitations, on pretty much everything I make that requires some adhesive or would benefit from some pretty.

The other day, I was writing in a composition notebook (you know, the kind of ugly marbled Mead ones) and it could REALLY use some prettifying. SO..out came the sticker maker and fabric.

365: the fabric covered notebook

I like to tear my fabric. It makes the strips straight and it’s just easier to me. You can certainly cut them if you’d like. I ran the 1.5″-ish strips through my Xyron 150 and out came beautiful strips of fabric tape ready for my notebook. I applied them horizontally from one edge, around the binding, to the other edge. It worked out beautifully!

The giveaway I have here for you guys is for a Pink Ribbon Xyron 150! I’ll include 2 extra cartridges (total of 3 = 60ft of adhesive!), so you can make as much fabric tape or stickers as your heart desires! I’ve been using mine since last year and let’s just say I now know to keep extra refills around because you can definitely get a little carried away turning everything into a sticker. :)

To enter, become a follower of the blog (left sidebar) and leave a comment telling me your favorite color!

For extra entries (leave a separate comment for each):
–Tweet about it mentioning @goodknits.
–Like and mention @GoodKnits on Facebook.
–Blog about this post and link back.

Giveaway will be open until 11:59pm CST on May 19. Good luck everyone!

**I thought I should mention Xyron has no idea who I am and is not sponsoring this giveaway. I just LOVE my little machine so much and I’ve had inquiries about fabric tape before. I want to spread the sticker madness! I chose the Pink Ribbon sticker maker because Xyron will donate 50 cents for every unit sold to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. If you don’t win, I implore you to buy one! It’s a small investment for tons of creative fun.**

my girl thursday april sponsor giveaway

What kind of sponsor would I be if I didn’t mention the glorious giveaway going on at my girl thursday?

You can win a plethora of beautiful prizes, including a little package from your’s truly!


a mustard doily pin & a set of post cards (vintage train cases)! I’ve already got it packed up and ready to go. How rad would it be if one of my readers won? super rad! :)