Xyron Giveaway Winner

I’ll be waking up about 5 minutes after the exact time my baby was born. That’s in a little over 5 hours. I’m up because I finished putting up streamers in the dining room for him. I have walked all about the house, walking into the room from different angles and something is just…off. It took me a while but I realized it’s the stupid wall paper! Ugh. I may be spending my early hours taking the streamers down and then putting them up somewhere else. Perhaps the breakfast room. I have no idea!

ANYWAY. Random.org chose #18! That comment belong to Miss Charlotte of Les Bonnes Idees!

She totally figured out my plot to stop everyone from ever de-stashing fabric again! Every bit of fabric must become fabric tape!

Congratulations!! Shoot me an email (lisa[@]goodknits.com) with your mailing address and I will have it shipped out ASAP!

If you did not win, you should totally buy one for yourself! it’s a small investment for an item that I’m SURE you will find useful. You can get a Pink Ribbon Xyron 150 or even one with a zebra print! AND right now, they’re eligible for an Amazon.com 4 for 3 promotion! You can pick up some refills at the same time.

Thank you to everyone for entering!! I hope you stick around for more fun in the future.

p.s.! I changed my header again and added a new button to grab. Let me know if you link to me! :)

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