Crochet: Amigurumi Bunny Eggs

My favorite bon bons

I got the urge to make something cute, the other day. I remembered I put away a big box of Easter eggs and what’s cuter than amigurumi? Let’s make some bunny eggs! But wait…where did I pack them up? Apparently NOT where I thought. After looking for the box for about an hour, I had them in my hands.

Last year, I posted the Amigurumi Bunny Egg pattern. It’s made with worsted weight yarn and a 3.75mm (US F) hook. I wanted to make a smaller egg, so I used some Lion Brand Bonbons (affiliate link) and adjusted my hook size down to a 2.75mm (US C). I had to add at least 2 rounds to each part, but the rest of the pattern worked well with these changes!

amigurumi bunny eggs

How cute is that mini egg? My kiddo already claimed it. As you can see, I’m STILL trying to figure out how to embroider the face nicely. All my bunnies look different!

I love that these eggs are fill-able. I can put candy in them and hide them during out egg hunt!

Are you crafting for Easter? Tell me about your projects! Links to blogs, if ya have ’em. I want to browse, this weekend!

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