Knitting: mason jar cozy

mason jar cozy on goodknits

This little jar has been getting a lot of use lately. I thought I would spruce it up a bit by knitting a little cozy. You can make this in under an hour, I’d imagine. It’s the perfect beginning knitter’s project! A giant swatch. No button holes and you don’t even have to add the duplicate stitch design, but why wouldn’t you? It’s cute as heck.

Download the free pattern from the Craftsy pattern page, here: Knit Mason Jar Cozy.

If you aren’t familiar with the duplicate stitch, check out this tutorial I wrote up for the Craftsy knitting blog– [HERE]






A word of caution: glass jars are pretty slippery. I made the cozy as snug as I could without distorting my stitches. I also made sure my fingers could still touch my glass when the cozy was in use. It just makes me feel more confident that the jar won’t slip out while I’m carrying it. I don’t think they’re too practical for children!

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Summer is delicious.

tomatoes for days

the summer cake

And beautiful.
And HOT.

first. about 70 tomatoes from my father-in-law. my sons love tomatoes. I had to stop the little one from eating the smallish ones after about 4.

second. the strawberry summer cake. I made one, last year, and loved it. I only made it once more since then, so the taste wasn’t fresh in my mind. When I took my first bite…goodness. It was like a sweet pancake with deliciously gooey strawberry jam on top. SO.GOOD.

what foods are you loving this summer?