a little de-stashing

I really need to de-clutter my craft area. I have a lot of yarn and fabric I should get rid of, but the task is daunting! I am going to start small, with a few balls of yarn I wouldn’t mind parting with.

First, the cotton yarn!
Cotton Soft by Plymouth Yarn
de-stashing: plymouth cotton soft
$4/skein or all for $12, postage paid in the US. this yarn would make a beautiful baby bib!

Den-M-Nit by ROWAN
de-stashing: rowan den-m-nit

Classic Elite Denim
de-stashing: Classic Elite Denim

Now, some wool. I thought I would dye this stuff, but never got around to it.
Lion Brand Fishermen’s Wool
de-stashing: Lion Brand Fishermen's Wool

That’s it for now. Contact me: lisa @goodkntis.com if you’d like to purchase any or all of these. If you’re awesome and do want to purchase everything, I’ll mail it all to you for $38 (in the U.S.).

cupcake family

I have a ton of other photos to edit and upload, but I got so stupid excited about the ginormous cupcake I finally finished, last night. the container is 64 oz! the next size is 16 and the tiny one is 8.