Duo-Tone Macrame Bangle Bracelet


This is a fun twist on the traditional macrame bracelet. The days of droopy brown hemp are behind us!

Bangle bracelet(s)
At least 1 yard of two different colors of yarn (yarn A and yarn B)

Start by knotting your two yarns together then tying them on your bracelet.


Step 1 (top left)
Cross yarn A over the bracelet and under yarn B.

Step 2 (top right)
Cross yarn B under/through the bracelet and then through the loop created by yarn A.

Step 3 (bottom left)
Pull the knot tight and then repeat the process: cross yarn A back over the bracelet and under yarn B.

Step 4 (bottom right)
Cross yarn B back under/through the bracelet and through the loop created by yarn A. Pull knot tight.

Repeat these steps 25 times or until only two inches of yarn remain on both sides. Cross the yarns under the bracelet and knot on the top.

Tip: Always remember to cross yarn A OVER the bracelet first and then yarn B UNDER the bracelet.


The end result is a beautiful macrame bangle! You can twist the yarn around the bracelet to “switch” the color-scheme. To make a solid color bracelet, start with two yards on one color and tie it to the bracelet at the center. Repeat the steps, making sure to keep track of what side you start the steps with.

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