Honey is a pattern for a textured super slouchy hat. You can easily make it less slouchy by knitting less pattern repeats (making it shorter).

Knit with DK weight yarn and 4mm (US 6) knitting needles, the pattern consists of a lot of purling, but works up relatively fast. Especially if you’re shooting for a more fitted hat and work less repeats of the main pattern.

The main stitch pattern has a two-photo explanation, if the written directions are not clear enough. The PDF is 4 pages: title, 2 pages of directions, then a plain-type pattern pattern page for those who don’t want to print photos.

The pattern will be FREE from June 13 through June 20. Pattern is now $3.75. Click below to purchase via Ravelry. Join the knit-a-long in the new Goodknits Group. There you can share your yarn ideas and ask any questions you may have about the pattern.

See more information and download the pattern from Ravelry HERE.

Also available via Craftsy– HERE.








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  • Bari Jo

    Hi Lisa! This is such a pretty design for the hat! Thank you for sharing your pattern! I hope to learn to knit some day!!! I JUST now finished my glory afghan and am weaving in the ends! I made it from a teal color – I loved yours so much! I found a Red Heart Soft yarn in teal – but was wondering what yarn brand you used for your teal blanket. Do you have a favorite yarn that you’ve used in these afghans that you feel works up the best, wears the best – washes the best – since you’ve made so many? :O) Thanks for all your help on the glory pattern! :O) I am ready to make another! Can’t decide

  • Bari Jo

    oops – hit send before I was done… anyway – I can’t decide if I am going to start on Anya next or if I want to do the glory again in another color… oh – yes and Willow too – in another color… these are addicting! :O) They are a nice size lap afghan. I have always wanted to make a doily and love the pineapples in the glory and the star pattern that emerges as you work on the willow. Thanks for the great patterns and inspiration! :O) You made this a lot of fun!

  • So excited for this! I am going to learn how to knit very soon and this hat pattern is on my list!

  • Do you have this pattern for crochet by chance?

  • Megan

    I have found an issue with the pattern. On row 8 there should be a Purl stitch before the repeat starts. If not then the pattern is crooked.

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