Doily blanket #4 (#1, #2, #3)

If you’ve never made a doily blanket, Georgia would be the perfect starting point. It features a lovely, but intuitive lace pattern throughout. Using worsted weight yarn (brands listed below), you can create a beautiful heirloom-quality blanket in a few short hours.

Approximately 700 yards of worsted weight (aran) yarn
6.5mm (US K) hook

Test yarns used
4 skeins Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice
2 skeins Hobby Lobby I Love This Yarn!
2 skeins Caron Simply Soft
3 skeins Bernat Waverly

U.S. crochet terminology used. Stitches needed: chain, single crochet, double crochet, slip-stitch. Special stitch patterns are described and listed in the file.

Measures ~42″ in diameter. Gauge is unimportant with this sort of lace, but the looser the better. Using yarn and hook specified, 7 Rows x 12 stitches = 4″ square.

See the pattern page on Ravelry:

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9 comments to Georgia

  • Carah

    I just finished this project and I’m already starting another. Instead of making the blankie size, I used a smaller hook and cotton yarn to make a hearty doily for the table. It worked great! Thank you and keep your patterns coming!

  • This one is gorgeous! Well done, I have been doing some similar ones in the larger yarn and I love how they turn out as blankets.

  • Aletta

    I bought the pattern, i really liked it, but it is turning out small because I used a (US K). I wanted to say the 6.5mm is not(US K) it’s a
    (US N). I didn’t want anyone else to make that mistake.

    • Where are you getting your conversion? 6.5mm is US K (10) and N (15) is 9mm.

      I think if you generally crochet with a tighter gauge, the larger hook will be beneficial. I usually use a 5mm or 5.5mm (US H or I) for worsted weight yarn, but went up to 6.5mm so the fabric would be open and lacy.

  • Whitney

    I love this pattern! I’d love to make it larger, to fit a twin-full size bed. Do you have any tips? Repeating the pattern at a certain point?


  • Monique Morley

    These are amazing. Except I’m not wanting to make them. I want pre made ones!!!! Do any of you lovely ladies want to sell them to me? Or know where I can I buy from?
    My email is
    Much appreciated!!!

    • Raquel N Huizar

      I’m on the same boat with you!! I tried this pattern and it was awful! I couldn’t get it right but I’m Hoping that if someone with a good kind heart is willing to make this and sell me a few I would truly appreciate it A LOT!! Thanks!

  • Raquel N Huizar

    I do knit. I’ve tried to crotchet which I’ve been told it’s almost the same, but it’s not! I love this pattern and I have tried it and I had a hard time with it. I would love to learn how to make this pattern. I’m not looking for bulk purchases but a set or two. I wonder if you can do a two color pattern with this same style? Thanks

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