The Women of December

Hello, friends! I am completely happy to formally introduce you to my sponsors for the month of December. It’s a very lovely bunch of women with amazing blogs and/or shops. I implore you to click around and visit! You will not be disappointed. PLUS! There’s a few coupons in here. :)



Meet Sandy of The Nerdy Nook! “Hi All! My name is Sandy from The Nerdy Nook, happy to make your acquaintance! My humble little blog features crochet creations, international fashion goodies, life posts, and cooking adventures. I keep my shop stocked with crochet pieces of every shape that integrate the cutesy with vintage stylings. Stop by and say hello to this crafty school nerd!


Meet Julie of Restless Hearts! “This shop is a collaboration of my two loves: treasure hunting and sewing. My grandmother taught me about thrifting. We used to go thrifting all the time when I was little. She also taught me to use what I had, not to be wasteful. I love finding things that other can love and giving them a second chance.

My grandmother also taught me to sew. I went to school for 8 years for fine art, but in the end, crafting was my one true love. I really love embroidery and applique. I also like to use mainly recycled or repurposed fabrics in my work. Giving life to something new and making into a precious piece of art is such a liberating experience.”

Use coupon code FALL20 for 20% off @ the Restless Hearts store!


Meet Mari of Brown Betty Style! “Hey! I’m Mari and my first crafting love is knitting! So when I learned to sew, the first thing I made was a knitting project bag to tote my portable projects on the go. I love having everything at my fingertips, rather than rattling around in my mammoth purse.

Brownbetty Style, my Etsy shop, features my original knitting project bags in cool prints and unique color combinations, as well as log cabin and patchwork pillow covers, cute aprons, knit hats & gloves, and more – check back soon for new stuff! I make things that I’d love to have in my own home, so my pillow covers all feature eye catching patterns that are retro in spirit but modern in design. I love rich colors, prints you’d never find in a store, and the unique inconsistencies that can only come from handmade.”

Goodknits readers get 10% off in December with code “GOODKNITS”


Meet Maryam of Pamplemousse 1983! “My name is Maryam and I’m a former elementary art teacher turned stay at home mom to baby Margaux. I blog about Margaux, crafty DIYs, Easy Art tutorials and some of my favorite things at Pamplemousse1983. I also have an Etsy shop featuring my photography so stop by and take a look!”


Meet Alli of One Pearl Button! “Hello, Goodknits readers, I’m Alli! I’m an archaeologist and graduate student who documents my creative life at I blog about crafts, fashion, and photography, and some of my favorite things include scooters, Polaroids, and thrift stores. Stop by and see me sometime; I’d love to get to know you!”


Meet Sarah of Sarahndipities “I’m a stay-at-home mom of five wonderful children, and the wife a wonderful 5th-grade-school-teacher husband. I love to make things that people will actually use and wear…and I love doing custom orders!!! Christmastime is such a magical time of the year…I love making handmade items for gifts! There’s just something special about something you make yourself! In my shop I sell beautiful finished items as well as several patterns so you can make your own creations! Happy Holidays!!”


Please take a moment to browse these links and show them some love! I hope you find them as inspiring as I do.

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