spreading the Mei Tai love.

Today, the boys and I tagged along with Jason to Fry’s. I nursed Andrew before we left, so he was totally into his nap by the time we got there. I packed my mei tai carrier with me, so he slept the entire time we (Jason) was shopping.

At checkout, a woman came up and remarked about how cool the carrier was and asked about how much weight it can sustain. I explained that I still carry my toddler, Nathan, in it on my back and he’s 3 weighing 35 lbs. She said it was really cool and that she wanted one. Then she asked what it was called and where she could get one. I told her to search online for “mei-tai carrier” but I pronounced it “my-tie” because it was only a few weeks ago that I discovered it was pronounced “may-tie.” I really hope she googles it and finds one! I’m making this post with hopes that she finds it if she googles MY TIE CARRIER or MY-TYE etcetc.

mei tai love

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