It’s pumpkin time!

the first pumpkin

‘Tis the season for roasting sugar pumpkins and baking that mush into muffins! My husband brought home pizza and this whopper of a sugar pumpkin, yesterday. I may or may not have been sighing about my lack of pumpkin, the days prior.

I love roasting pumpkin for fresh pumpkin muffins and pies and cookies and and and…let’s just say sweet, spicy pumpkin anything is my favorite. Except for lattes. I can’t stand pumpkin spice lattes. Go figure! I’ve written about roasting pumpkins before, HERE.

Pumpkin stem

Are you excited for fall or will you miss summer? I’m not gonna lie. Summer is comforting, but Autumn is my favorite. I lovelovelove bundling up my kids and walking in the crisp cool air to pick them up at school. Baking without feeling like I’m being baked is also really nice. Let’s not forget the copious amounts of knitting and crocheting that are about to take place. I learned to knit two socks at once, this summer. I’ll share that project soon! How are you ringing in the new season?

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