Knitting: Saartje’s baby bootees

lucy's bootsies

Pattern: Saartje’s Bootees [Ravelry link]
Yarn: Aimée, by Louisa Harding Yarns
Needles: 3.5mm (US 4) DPNs
Modifications: Made them in the round, using tips from Hello Yarn, including her superb tutorial for the figure 8 cast-on.

I see these booties all over Etsy. I have for a while, but you know what I saw first? The FREE pattern (right sidebar). I made two pairs (ONE, TWO) for Andrew and a few others as gifts. It’s been a few years since I made my last pair, though.

On Tuesday evening, I went to bed at 8. I don’t know what overcame me, but I was dead tired so I left the kids to my husband and went to bed. 4 hours later, I woke up with the strongest desire to knit. Such a big contrast from when I first began knitting and I would have nightmares about it. Endless rows of purl–I loathed it!

Anyway, I didn’t feel like picking up any projects I already have on the needles; I wanted to cast on! After about 15 minutes, I settled on bootees. The kids were already asleep and the husband was computing downstairs, so I got my yarn and needles and got to work. It took me longer because I forgot my mods, but I had a full bootee in less than 2 hours. I loved that. I went to bed [again] and woke up about 5 hours later to make the next.

I love quick knits. And I am SO glad there’s a baby girl in my family to knit for again. I’m rummaging around Ravelry, looking for the perfect yarn for a February Baby Sweater.


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