Fotos Friday: black & white

185.365: the straight lines

186.365: the kid in the pool

187.365: the life of a kiddo

188.365: the zinnia bouquet

189.365: the remote photographer

After my month of color, I decided to dedicate this past week of my project 365 to black and white.

Mondaythe straight lines. I observed the beauty of these lines on the highway. It was Independence Day and we were searching the outskirts of the city for fireworks. Alas, a ban was in place on account of the drought. Boo.
Tuesdaythe kid in the pool. Evening– it’s the only time the sun isn’t plotting to kill us.
Wednesdaythe life of a kiddo. Andrew completely gave up the opportunity to nap and instead jumped on my bed trying to do somersaults. He failed.
Thursdaythe zinnia bouquet.While the boys tried to trap ants in circles of chalk, I picked these zinnias. most of them were on their last breath and the stems had already put out more stems, so I should see a few more blooms soon.
Fridaythe remote photographer. Andrew likes snapping photos of himself. I have to chase him in the viewfinder, as he often leaves the frame.

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  • I’m loving the black and white – these look great. BTW, I just pulled the scavenger hunt themes for this week and next week will be black and white. You should check it out.