no knitting content.

365.224: tippy-toes
365.224: just some tippy-toes

and another crybaby photo because i’m an evil mother.
this baby fell down
don’t worry! I picked him almost immediately. see? he forgets he only learned to walk 2 months ago.

ok, ok, maybe a little knitting content. a rant: I got bored with the baby sweater I’m knitting. Actually, I’m more anticipating the bored. I finished the body like 4 days ago and have been putting off starting on the sleeves because I just KNOW I’m going to make one and then put the sweater away for like 6 months and then it won’t fit! There’s a reason I love knitting the baby surprise jacket–when you finish knitting the body, VOILA! you also have sleeves! it’s a wonderful surprise.