Printer-Friendly Mary Janes

flower garden slippers [4]

One of my most popular pages is the one with a tutorial for crocheted Mary Jane slippers. For the most part, folks love the tutorial and are able to crochet multiple pairs very easily. There are still a few emails/comments a week that come to me with questions about starting them or asking for general tips. I try my best to answer them as quickly as possible. I haven’t updated the pattern in a while, but after getting 2 or 3 emails in the same week asking for a printer-friendly version, I finally bit the bullet and whipped one up. It’s a one-page, no photos, black & white version of the pattern. I added a few tips to the bottom for adjusting size and different starting & ending (the slipper closure) methods. If you are a slipper maker, go on and check it out!

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