Goodknits for Craftsy (huge round-up!)

Since the last time I posted about Craftsy, I have written quite a few posts for their knitting blog. I tend to average about one a week, though February was a big month and I wrote seven. A few of the posts are round-ups, which start with a topic and then evolve into a round-up of interesting/related patterns from the Craftsy community. You can find my profile here, which includes links to ALL my posts. I thought I’d share my top 10:

I-cord bind off tutorial
I-cord Bind Off Instructions & Tutorial

Designing & Knitting with eyelets
Designing & Knitting with Eyelets

+Beginner Lace Knitting: Tips for Getting Started
+Explore the Different Types of Lace Knitting Stitches

Kitchener Stitch Tutorial
Kitchener Stitch Tutorial

Long Tail Cast-on Tutorial
Long Tail Cast-on Tutorial

What is Continental Knitting?

Knit a custom cup cozy
Knitting & Recycling: how to knit a custom cup cozy

How to Knit Bobbles
How to Knit Bobbles

Linen Stitch Tutorial
Falling in Love with Linen Stitch

As you can see, I have a tendency to post beginner tutorials. I love spreading the joy of knitting to those who might feel a little intimidated by the process. I know that when I started knitting, I thought it was boring as hell. I could not get into it! I hope that these posts on Craftsy will help new knitters discover techniques and skills to enjoy knitting more.

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4 comments to Goodknits for Craftsy (huge round-up!)

  • SexyNinjaMonkeyNo Gravatar

    It was funny, the first time i noticed your posts on Craftsy it took me a second but i suddenly realised that the photographic style looked familiar. Shortly after that realisation i read the name of the poster and made the connection.

  • LilyNo Gravatar

    I love the look of the linen stitch! I actually tried knitting for a bit but maybe I wasn’t doing it right because my wrists ended up hurting so bad. I guess I’ll stick with crocheting!

    • Did you knit continental style or did you try English? I made the mistake of trying to learn English style and it was the worst! When I switched to the continental method, I developed a very crochet-like flow. I think I can do the knit stitch about as fast as I can crochet, now.

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