Lace Love: complete


I am here with some amazing news! Lace Love is complete! I received the booklets yesterday evening. I am without words.

OK, I suppose I do have a few!
The books were printed locally in Houston with funds I received from this month of sponsorship and recent Etsy sales. So, a huge huge THANK YOU to everyone who has shown their support and who has encouraged me to keep going with this project. My PayPal account is empty, but I am so happy!

You can purchase the printed booklet from my shop! Each printed version will ALSO receive a PDF link (emailed within 24 hours) and a few extra goodies from me in the mail. I will release a PDF-only version at the end of next week, but this printed copy is only a few bucks more, so why not? It’s pretty and tangible. You’ll get the PDF anyway. :)

I have set up a Lace Love book page, [HERE]. It includes links to individual pattern pages.

Here are some peeks inside the booklet!!






excitement abounds!

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