Just smile!

it's me.

Thing I’ve been repeating to myself, this week:
-Laundry can’t kill you. It will try, but it won’t succeed.
-Your yarn will be there later.
-Your camera is your friend.
-The edibles will grow. (And it’s true! I have a jalapeno growing!)
-There’s always tomorrow.

Spring cleaning is in force. Sorta. I’m starting with closets. SO.MUCH.CLOTHES. I am kind of embarrassed. So much doesn’t even get used. Some is being donated, some will be put in a garage sale. I’m on my 4th (5th?) load of laundry. Ugh. Laundry won’t kill you. Laundry won’t kill you. Laundry won’t kill you.

Sometimes I wish my head were an amigurumi head. So cute and cuddly and always smiling.

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